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Law Office

Provider of legal services specializing in Intellectual Property, Informational Technology, Corporate and Commercial law matters in Budapest, Hungary.

Member of Schrade Alliance, the regional network of law offices in CEE.

Clientele consists of technology companies, other consumer and business products companies, service providers, professionals and retail establishments. (Est. 2008)



We represent regional and Hungarian companies in CEE

Our key areas of specialization are corporate, commercial, IT&IP law and real property law.


We provide legal services in Hungarian, German and English language.


As a member of Schrade Alliance, we cooperate with several law firms in the CEE region on a “best-friends” basis. We bring our combined experience together to provide integrated, one-stop-shop service in relation to regional matters and transactions.

We strive to be distinctive, modern and solution-driven.


I was very pleased from my perspective with your services.  You showed clearly what the steps were in the process and made sure that these were achieved and properly dealt with.

You helped us in all stages of the acquisition process. Our "target" company trusted you which was extremely important for us. It is also very valuable that you are always open and giving the client a very honest and direct estimation of critical situations. Your strongest point is your personality. 

Your perfection and professionalism I find (and have always found) impressive.

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